‘Sweatshop: Dead Cheap Fashion’–S.1, E.2

Back in February, I shared the first episode of a five-part Norwegian reality TV mini-series called Sweatshop: Dead Cheap Fashion.

Click here to watch the next ten minute installment.


‘Made in Bangladesh’ by The Fifth Estate

I’ve often thought about tracing a specific garment from its enslaved maker, to its oblivious owner; and wonder what impact would result…


The Fifth Estate is a Canadian investigative documentary program on CBC Television.

‘Made in Bangladesh’ won the 2014 International Emmy® Award for Current Affairs programming.

My slavery footprint

I stared at my computer screen, utterly deflated, and saddened.

I had just spent close to an hour perfecting my answers.

I had thought my results would reveal a back-patting 11, maybe 13—but, 45?! I have 45 slaves working for me?! What! 

All of me wanted to retake the testSurely it was less.

My thoughts focused in on the sentence below the statistic. Cue rebuke:

Let’s be honest, one is too many.

We own slaves

Last month, I drove to Hamilton, Ontario to spend the day with a dear friend from camp. She took me to 541 Eatery & Exchange where we made ourselves right at home in a cozy corner of the café.

Between chugging warm London Fogs made with coconut milk, and devouring delectable, dairy-free brownies, we journaled, read; chatted about prayer, and Enneagram tests (I took one right there!), and—as memory serves—had just started on social justice, when another kindred soul joined us.

Her words were sobering. “We own slaves,” she contributed.


And there we were.
The three of us.
Slave owners.


Spoken Word | Martin Luther King Jr.

It really boils down to this: that all life
is interrelated.
We are all caught
in an inescapable network of mutuality;
in a single garment of destiny,
to whatever affects one directly;
affects all indirectly.
We are made
to live together because
of the interrelated structure
of reality.
And did you ever stop to think that you
can’t leave for your job in the morning
without being dependent
on most of the world?
You get up in the morning and go
to the bathroom, and reach over for a sponge,
and that’s handed to you by
a Pacific Islander.
You reach for a bar of soap,
and that’s given to you at the hands of a Frenchman.
And then you go in the kitchen to drink your coffee for the morning,
and that’s poured
in your cup by
a South American.
Or maybe you want tea.
That’s poured in your cup by a Chinese.
Or maybe you’re desirous of having cocoa
for breakfast,
and that’s poured in your cup
by a West African.
And then you reach over for your toast,
and that’s given to you at the hands
of an English-speaking farmer—not to mention the baker.
And before you finish eating breakfast in the morning,
you have depended on more than half of the world.
This is the way
our universe is structured,
it is its interrelated quality.
We aren’t going to have peace on earth
until we recognize
this basic fact
of the interrelated structure of all reality.


Martin Luther King Jr.
Listen ‘live’ here (7:08-9:05).